Bild på Vivian Buzcek sings Abbey Lincoln

Vivian Buzcek sings Abbey Lincoln

With her dynamic voice and brilliant stage presence, Vivian has made herself known as one of Sweden’s most prominent jazz singers. Throughout a long and brilliant career, she has toured the world and released 9 albums, all of which radiate a genuine love for the jazz that is dearest to her heart. She masters the jazz idiom with a humble self-awareness no matter what she takes on and her musical breadth shows everything from a unique sense of swing to sincerity and storytelling in ballads where she always puts the audience and listeners first. Vivian proudly carries on the torch of female jazz vocals where inspiration from the great vocalists of jazz history has shaped her into the singer she is today.

Tonight, Vivian Buczek and her band pay tribute to the unique and colorful vocalist Abbey Lincoln who was one of the few great female American jazz vocalists who wrote her own compositions and wrote deep poetic lyrics about life. She broke through in the 60s as a singer, composer and actress. In parallel with the career, Abbey was very actively involved in the civil rights movement for black rights in the United States. Abbey Lincoln is best known for her deep and emotional performances of her lyrics and compositions as well as classic American standards. Welcome to an evening of tribute to this female icon with her own exclusive interpretations of Abbey Lincoln’s fantastic music.

Vivian Buczek – vocals
Karl-Martin Almqvist – tenor saxophone
Lisa Långbacka – accordion
Martin Sjöstedt – piano
Johnny Åman – bass
Cornelia Nilsson – drums