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Friends of Fasching


If you love Fasching and want to become one of us, you get many favorable offers included. The membership fee is SEK 250 and is valid for 12 months from the date we have registered your payment.

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Concert discount
As a member of Fasching’s Friends, you get a 25% discount on all concerts arranged under Fasching’s auspices (exceptions may occur).

Advance purchase of tickets
At some selected concerts at Fasching, Friends of Fasching are offered pre-purchase tickets.

Regular’s evenings
As a member, you are invited to special “Stammis” (regulars) evenings with concerts and are offered to choose a selected dish and a glass of beer/wine at a favorably friendly price.Member evenings
During these evenings, we reserve the entire Fasching exclusively for members with different themes/lectures, an evening to get to know other friends and enrich oneself in the world of jazz.Jazz Quiz
Knowledge is fun – as a member, you have the opportunity to participate and win in our very own jazz quiz.

Swing Cup in golf
As a member, you will be invited to join the only Swing Cup in golf, a much appreciated activity for members who enjoy both swinging and swinging.

JAZZ Orkesterjournalen
All members receive a substantial discount as a subscriber to the magazine JAZZ Orkesterjournalen, Sweden’s leading – and the world’s oldest – jazz magazine.

Order your own subscription here State: Member of a jazz club within Swedish Jazz when you order your subscription.

Support Fasching
If the benefits are not enough, we say – become a member for the good reason of supporting Sweden’s most important scene for jazz and related music styles.

We want everyone to be friends!

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When you have filled in your information, you can then pay with Swish to immediately become a member, receive your membership card and receive the discount on tickets for concerts at Fasching. You can also pay with an invoice that you receive by email (bankgiro and OCR).

The membership fee is SEK 250 and is valid for 12 months from the date we have registered your payment.

Welcome Fasching Friends!