Fasching is located in an old premises with steps up to the main entrance. Wheelchairs enter most easily via the stage entrance at Gamla Brogatan 44. Email us at or call the office so we can be of assistance when you arrive.

A disabled toilet is available.

Handicapped parking is available outside the main entrance at Kungsgatan 63.

We generally never work with strong moving/flashing lights.  If you are particularly sensitive, please contact us in advance.

Stage smoke in connection with concerts may occur.

There are no strong smells, but we serve food on the premises, so allergy sufferers sensitive to airborne substances should contact us in advance.

Audio induction loop is not available.

The age limit of 18 applies to all concerts, however children between 13 and 17 need to be accompanied by a parent. In some exceptional cases, even younger children can be accompanied by a guardian. You will find the information suitable for your concert on that specific concert’s website.

For all questions regarding accessibility, please contact