Bild på Mats/Morgan


Morgan Ågren is a Grammy Award-winning drummer on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2010, Morgan received the honorable title of “best fusion drummer” in Modern Drummer’s readers’ poll. In 1981 he found his lifelong musical partner, the blind keyboardist Mats Öberg, and since then they have continuously collaborated.

Mats Öberg recently received a Grammy along with Lena Willemark and Jonas Knutsson and has worked with his own trio and other constellations.

Despite their successful individual musical careers, the foundation of these two eminent musicians has always been playing together in the Mats/Morgan Band and in 2021 the duo celebrated 40 years together.

It is impossible to talk about this musical duo without mentioning the connection to Frank Zappa.
In 1988, when they were in their late teens, Mats and Morgan got an invitation to play with Frank Zappa when he did his last gig in Stockholm. After this, Zappa invited the Swedes to participate in two further projects in the USA.
Mats and Morgan participated in The Music of Frank Zappa in Avery Fisher Hall (with symphony orchestra) and Zappa’s Universe in New York with Steve Vai among others.