Purchasing a seated ticket for one of our concerts automatically books you a table. This table is reserved under the name of the ticket buyer and is for as many people as you have bought tickets for. Your table will be reserved for 30 minutes from the time doors are eopened. For times, see the respective concert on the website, but our doors are usually open at 18.00.

If you have allergies or general questions about the kitchen, the bar, or your table reservation? Contact us at



Grilled lightly smoked flank steak with fermented garlic emulsion
170 kr

White wine cooked asparagus with espelette mayonnaise,
gruyère and smoked almonds
165 kr

Gazpacho with manchego gratinated sourdough bread
155/135 kr

Vendace roe with sourdough bread, smetana and pickled red onion
225 kr

Platter of charcuteries
155 kr


Grilled tuna with vegetables of the season, green tomato salsa and marinated grilled lime
295 kr

Gremolata marinated entrecôte of veal, semi dried tomatoes, sage, aioli and sherry sauce
335 kr

Asparagus risotto with parmesan, lemon, jerusalem artichoke crisps and cress
255 kr

Leg of duck confit with roasted beetroots, vegetable consommé, tarragon and borbonense pepper
265 kr

Gazpacho with manchego gratinated sourdough bread
155/135 kr


Dark chocolate mousse, raspberry ganache, raspberry browned butter, and crushed macademia nuts
135 kr

Chocolate truffle 
45 kr

Cheese platter 
165 kr


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