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With their latest album 4 (which was last released in a remixed version), the American fusion quartet completely let loose in the studio. The keyboardist and one of the band’s founders, Henry Hey, has explained in interviews that the whole band loves crazy music – and that they now felt ready to explore the madness in a big way. The result is both dancing, equilibristic and advanced.

At the same time, 4 is not a complete surprise to those who have followed the band since its inception in 2012. They have always liked to experiment. Especially live where they really come into their own. The four primordial instrumentalists love to improvise and make a terrible move at their concerts. At the same time, it is the clever melodies that stand out the most. Expect tempo changes, stylish solos and a tight fusion set when they come to Fasching!

The members of the band have each individually developed their playing styles together with other artists such as David Bowie (in the case of keyboardist Henry Hey) and Snarky Puppy. Guitarist Chris McQueen also divides his time between Snarky Puppy and Forq – and drummer Jason “JT” Thomas has supported Roy Hargrove’s RH Factor, among other things. Bassist Kevin Scott has previously played with Wayne Krantz, Jimmy Herring, Col. Bruce Hampton.

Henry Hey – keyboards
Jordan Peters – guitar
Eli Menezes – bass
Jason ‘JT’ Thomas – drums