Bild på Hawk on Flight

Hawk on Flight

Hawk on Flight is a Swedish jazz group formed in 1976 by Matz Nilsson, Haakon Graf, Ulf Wakenius and Niels Nordin. The group is considered by many to have been one of the most important fusion groups in Sweden and they have been compared to, among others, Miles Davis and Weather Report. The Gothenburg-based group became, under the leadership of bassist Matz Nilsson, the Swedish flagship of the style. The group is mainly characterized by Matz Nilsson’s stringless electric bass and in recent years Ove Ingemarsson’s tenor sax and EWI. The group went on hiatus starting in 1996 but reunited in 2006. This evening will be a reunion with songs from the band’s extensive catalog!

Matz Nilsson – bass
Björn Arkö – saxophone/EWI
Staffan William-Olsson – guitar
Marcos Ubeda – keys
Zoltan Csörcz – drums
Åke Linton – sound