Jazzlab: Åberg Trio + Fusion Frenzy

Meet tomorrow’s jazz stars in this collaboration with the Royal Academy of Music. The concert is followed by jam

This evening we meet Åberg Trio (guests by Joakim Milder) and Fusion Frenzy

Åberg trio is a Stockholm-based jazz group that mainly plays music written by pianist and bandleader Isak Åberg. This ensemble delivers playful improvisational music designed to touch more than just the seasoned jazz audience. With influences from folk music and the Swedish music tradition, the group creates a genuine and melodic sound that appeals to young and old alike. Listen for yourself!

Isak Åberg – Piano
Olle Lannér Risenfors – Double bass
Richard Andersson Rasheed – Drum set
Guest: Joakim Milder – Saxophone

Fusion Frenzy

In the fall of 2022, five lonely musicians united in their grief over the lack of shred guitar, slap bass and outdated synth sounds in their lives. After realizing that no one but themselves could remedy the problem, they gathered at KMH’s premises to finally play all the music they had previously only been allowed to practice in their childhood rooms. Fusion Frenzy was born!

This evening, Fusion Frenzy will offer a musical rollercoaster that begins by going from zero to one hundred in two odd beats and then continues to accelerate all the way into the ensuing jam! The band promises a combo of old fusion classics and self-written future ones, almost all of the “Well, who really needs food on the table?” category.

Welcome to soak up a year’s worth of musical caffeine, welcome to Fusion Frenzy!

Erik Kjellqvist – Saxophone
Johannes Persson – Guitar
Johannes Annfält – Keyboard
Hampus Westin – Elbas
Axel Nilsson – Drums