Tickets go on sale May 6 at 10am

What do you say if we say meditative dub-inspired jazz duo from Copenhagen? Bremer/McCoy!!

Pianist Morton McCoy and bassist Jonathan Bremer joined forces back in 2012 while still in school. At first, the Danish duo played dub. It’s hard to imagine that’s how they started when you listen to the ethereal sounds they make now, but it becomes clearer when you see them play live. The duo always bring their own sound system with them.

They want us who experience their music to see it as a key. A key to life, or possibly a key to appreciating new sounds. It’s the feeling that Bremer/McCoy’s music conveys that you won’t be able to shake. They are trying to tell you something, you will hear it if you listen.

Now is your chance to listen and take in the music of the magical duo Bremer/McCoy live when they come through Sweden for an enchanting evening in Stockholm!