Bild på Folkdivizjon


Folkdivizjon – the high-energy klezmer band from Malmö. In recent years, they have distinguished themselves as a strong and unique voice on Sweden’s folk scene. Folkdivizjon perform their original music and timeless traditional songs, all in well-made arrangements that no one can sit still to. After touring the country, breaking audience records at the Korrö Festival and being recorded several times by Sveriges Radio, they are now one of the most diligently performing bands for their genre. This hot mix of klezmer, Balkan and jazz will give you an experience like no other!

Markus Cederholm – Clarinet
Love Brageé – Saxophone
Vidar Hansteen-Jörgensen – Saxophone
Hjalmar Nordkvist – Trombone
Nicole Bouchikas – Tuba
Alvin Samuelsson – Percussion, vocals
Olof Larsson – Percussion, vocals
Lukas Hultman – Accordion