Bild på Jay-Jay Johanson

Jay-Jay Johanson

It is now over 25 years since Jay-Jay Johanson debuted with the Bristol-inspired album “Whiskey”, which was then followed up with “Tattoo” (1998) and “Poison” (2000). Underground hits such as “So Tell the Girls That I Am Back in Town” and “Believe in Us” received a lot of attention and the elegant version of trip-hop, with splashes of melancholic film noir, had its leitmotifs. 25 years later, a lot has happened. Jay-Jay Johanson has become so significant that he now rivals his idols. You don’t need to mention Chet Baker, Portishead, Scott Walker or Massive Attack anymore, Jay-Jay has evolved and reached beyond that.

The multifaceted career spans over 20 years. Jay-Jay has toured China, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico and played to sold-out houses in London and Paris. The song Suffering from the album Poison is featured in the television series Queer as Folk, the first American drama series depicting the lives of gay men and women. It became the opening for a growing fanbase in the United States.

Now he is current with his latest album “Fetish” and a rare concert at Fasching in Stockholm! Take the opportunity to experience Sweden’s most famous hidden gem live.