Bild på Elina Ryd

Elina Ryd


Elina Ryd’s pop universe is like a dreamy free zone, unbound by time and space. She has been called a “Major’s Lana Del Rey” by Göteborgs-Posten, but the singer, songwriter and composer simultaneously mixes her own whims and ideas into something completely unique and distinct. With a repertoire that ranges from pop and rock to songs and poetry, she has an unmistakable ability to captivate audiences with her voice. After the full-lengths “Falla” and “Den Luft”, she will come this autumn with long-awaited new material – with single releases and an upcoming EP before her performance at Fasching.

“The songs are perfectly cast and imaginative, Elina Ryd sings, as I said, blessed by God.” HYMN

“The way of writing music reaches for a big, melodic pop space, with springy piano at the bottom and a gentle melancholy that hangs like morning mist in the air.” DN