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Vira Milton

Vira Milton is a young singer, artist and songwriter. She released her first single “Liar” in September 2021 and since then she’s been working actively with recording more original music. She will release her debut album “One Night” in August, 2024. The album consists of 7 songs, that each describe it’s own chapter of a typical night out in her life. This will be celebrated with a release gig at Fasching!

“Vira Milton, a young singer-songwriter, defies genre association with her free-flowing direction. Drawing inspiration from vocal powerhouses like Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday, she has crafted a stylish jazzy soul sound that is distinctly her own. /…/ With her alluring jazzy soul sound and undeniable talent, Vira Milton has all the qualities to become a star in the Scandinavian music scene.” Andy Collins, Scandinavian Soul (07/07/23)