Bild på Henning


Henning has been called “Mark Knopfler of Masthugget” but also has “an expression so obvious he was born with it” according to Swedish newspaper DN. As a guitarist, he has toured with, among others, Tomas Andersson Wij, Lill-Babs, Daniel Gilbert and Sofia Karlsson. Under his own name, he makes guitar-based soft rock in Swedish that has found a wide spread among an audience that appreciates both down-to-earth observations and a guitar solo that takes them to another universe, far, far away.

After experimenting with drum machines, synths and bedroom recording on the latest records, Henning is now back where it all started, literally. The lyrics are locally rooted with map pin stitch in the city of origin and the album was recorded in the own studio in Sandarna, Gothenburg.

It’s also a return to where it all began in that the record is mostly recorded live in a room.

“Back to what first made me want to pick up the guitar, to stand together in a room and try to make time stop with the knowledge that it is not possible to change and polish afterwards”, Henning describes the process.

Henning’s 6th album “Cowboy från rymden” (Cowboy from space) will be released in the fall on the newly started record label Knippla Records, but already on March 22nd the single “Thank you for the visit” will be released, where Henning’s characteristic solo guitar meets a delicate brass section.


Henning Sernhede – electric guitar, vocals
Jonas Abrahamsson – drums, synth, vocals
Johannes Mattsson – electric bass
TBA – saxophone, keyboard