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Lucky Lo

Critically acclaimed Swedish Lucky Lo’s alt-pop shines a light on the dark sides of life and uses music as a tool to transform the daily existential struggle and worries into joy and hope. Lucky Lo is the pseudonym of the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Lo Ersare, originally from Umeå but since a number of years living in Copenhagen, where she has hit the Danish music scene like a firework.

With a background in folk music and hometown Umeå’s punk scene, Lucky also draws inspiration from improvisation, Bulgarian vocal music and her many stays in Japan. All this can be heard in her music, which carries a light, floating alt-pop with elements of blackness and melancholy.

The debut album Supercarry came in 2022 and was followed by The Big Feel in 2023.

In an age where mental illness is described as one of our biggest public diseases, Lucky Lo sees music as a vital tool to process the challenges we face throughout life.

“I play music to connect people and I sing to encourage community. I believe in the transformative power of music and love,” she says.

Now Fasching premiere for this incredibly exciting artist with a world waiting at her feet!