Bild på Dora Morelenbaum

Dora Morelenbaum

Singer-songwriter Dora Morelenbaum is one of the young strong voices leading Brazil’s new musical wave. Her music mixes jazz, Brazilian rhythms and brass pop MPB, Música Popular Brasileira.

Dora is a member of the Latin-Grammy-winning star quartet Bala Desejo, a pioneering Brazilian band spreading Brazilian music to a whole new audience.

On the latest EP “Vento De Beirada”, produced by one of the stars of the Rio scene Ana Frango Elétrico, Dora takes a different musical path than Bala Dejo’s upbeat, avant-garde Tropicália sound. Dora’s solo rack has a more dreamlike, softer MPB stance. Completely contemporary, but with traces of Dora’s idols Gal Costa and Maria Bethânia.

Dora Morelenbaum comes from a musical family. Her father, Jaques Morelenbaum, is a cellist, composer and conductor and the observant knows that he is one of the artists at this year’s Stockholm jazz festival. Dora’s mother, Paula Morelenbaum, is a beloved jazz singer.

Dora Morelenbaum’s sublime music takes you on a sensual journey. The music is new, yet instantly familiar, like rediscovering a past love. And you do that at jazz club Fasching, Kungsgatan 63.