A ground-breaking musical venture, four great musicians – Joey Calderazzo, Håkan Broström, Martin Sjöstedt and Karl-Henrik Ousbäck – have united to create an enchanting fusion of sounds that transcends genres and captivates audiences worldwide. This electrifying collaboration involves an interweaving of virtuoso talent and promises a musical experience unlike any other.

Joey Calderazzo is a shining star in the jazz world, renowned for his mesmerizing piano skills and innovative compositions. Over the years he has performed with legendary musicians and has received critical acclaim for his work as a solo musician. A prolific jazz pianist with a distinctive style, Calderazzo’s performances are known for their emotional depth and technical brilliance.

Bass player Martin Sjöstedt is praised for his dominant presence on stage and his exceptional understanding of rhythm and harmony. He brings a wealth of experience to this collaboration, having played alongside countless jazz icons and appearing on many successful recordings. Sjöstedt’s impeccable timing and inventive approach to the bass create a solid foundation for the ensemble.

Karl-Henrik Ousbäck is widely regarded as one of the foremost percussionists of his generation. His fluid technique, dynamic rhythms and inherent musicality make him a sought-after collaborator for artists across genres. Ousbäck’s exceptional talent and energy behind the drum kit infuses every performance with excitement and innovation.

The quartet, consisting of Calderazzo, Broström, Sjöstedt and Ousbäck, combines their unparalleled musical skills and explores the boundaries of jazz while embracing influences from different musical traditions. Their chemistry on stage is inescapable, and their performances leave the audience spellbound. With each musician contributing their own distinct style and artistic sensibility, their collective brilliance is unparalleled.

In addition to showcasing their individual virtuosity, the collaboration is set to present original compositions that reflect their shared vision for modern jazz and take audiences on a transcendent musical journey. Their repertoire will include a mix of innovative reinterpretations of jazz standards and captivating new compositions.

Joey Calderazzo – piano
Håkan Broström – alto saxophone
Martin Sjöstedt – bass
Karl-Henrik Ousbäck – drums