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IMPRA Jazz Festival

Festivalstart 15:30 dörrarna öppnas 15:00

15:30-16:30 Olimpias Orkan
17:00-18:00 Panelsamtal lett av Almaz Yebio
18:30-19:30 Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe
20:00-21:00 Ukloprij
21:30-22:30 Iris Bergcrantz
23:00-00:00 Jas Kayser – INSTÄLLT

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Föreningen IMPRA utvecklar sin verksamhet under 2021 med en ny endagsfestival i Stockholmsområdet. IMPRA Jazz Festival är föreningens första festivalsatsning och kommer att äga rum den 28:e augusti.
IMPRA har sedan 2006 stöttat och lyft fram musiker som identifierar sig som kvinnor, transpersoner och ickebinära som är verksamma inom jazz- och improvisationsmusik. Detta arbete fortsätter när IMPRA lanserar den första versionen av IMPRA Jazz Festival den 28:e augusti. Det blir den första festival som IMPRA arrangerar som huvudman och inspirationen till initiativet kom på ett styrelsemöte 2019.
I arbetet med festivalen har IMPRA sökt liktänkande samarbetspartners och en av dessa är systerorganisationen Women in Jazz i Storbritannien. I Storbritannien identifierar sig endast 5 % av jazzmusiker sig som kvinnor, något som Women in Jazz arbetar för att förändra genom utbildningar, broadcasts och workshops. Inom ramen för detta samarbete kan IMPRA därför bjuda in trummisen Jas Kayser för första gången till Sverige!

The association IMPRA will develop its operations in 2021 with a new one-day festival in the Stockholm area. IMPRA Jazz Festival is the organisation’s first festival initiative and will take place on 28 August.
Since 2006, IMPRA has supported and highlighted musicians who identify themselves as women, transgender and non-binary who are active in jazz and improvisational music. This work will continue when IMPRA launches the first version of the IMPRA Jazz Festival on 28 August. It will be the first festival that IMPRA arranges as head and the inspiration for the initiative came at a board meeting in 2019.
In its work with the festival, IMPRA has sought out like-minded partners and one of these is the sister organization Women in Jazz in the UK. In the UK, only 5% of jazz musicians identify themselves as women, something that Women in Jazz works to change through training, broadcasts and workshops. Within the framework of this collaboration, IMPRA can therefore invite drummer Jas Kayser to Sweden for the first time!

15:30-16:30 Olimpias Orkan

Olimpias Orkan from Gothenburg, Sweden came together in 2017 with the intention of creating music that pushes boundaries and challenges the norms of jazz by exploring the infinite possibilities of a seven-piece band. With vivid melodies, energetic improvisation and a strong interaction on stage, the septet catches the ears and hearts of the listeners. The lyrics depicts a wide range of emotions that can occur in a human being and portrays the injustice in society in an honest and open way.

Matilda Andersson – Voice
Adrian Åsling Sellius – Altosaxophone/Clarinets
Malin Wättring – Tenorsaxophone/Clarinets 
Rikard Wadman – Tenorsaxophone/Clarinets
Olimpia Dynarek – Piano
Stina Adersdotter – Double – bass
Julia Schabbauer – Drums

17:00-18:00 Panelsamtal lett av Almaz Yebio

Mer info kommer inom kort.

18:30-19:30 Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe

12 years, 11 albums, a jillion performances, some celebrated successes, fair amount of awards, a few fantastic failures, infinite weirdness, and 144 periods later, Maria Faust revisits her expansive (and expensive) songbook, created between 2008 and 2020.

Charismatic and eccentric composer and saxophonist Maria Faust (EST) coined the term “menstrual jazz,” an unpredictable genre of music that ebbs and flows with her predictably

unpredictable hormonal cycle. Each song and arrangement, each band and concert, each day and month and year bring with them new adventures and challenges.

Faust has often used memory analysis as a tool and source of inspiration in creating her music. While composing the material for the first Maria Faust Sacrum Facere album, she focused on collective memory, including traditions and folklore. ORGAN is inspired by the composer’s own personal body memory. It is a celebration of the human body and life as a mystical cathedral with soaring ceilings, altars, statues, memorials, scripts… and organs, around which everything is centered. Depending on the activity, the room and body can celebrate, dance, sing, mourn, weep, and shake. On ORGAN, Faust pulled listeners into a new, adventurous individual-and-collective reflection on the journey and growth the composer and band have experienced in the years since 2014. It’s music that both inspires and quenches thirst for new experiences,

while respectfully honoring the passion with which we all have lived.

Maria Faust- Altosaxophone
Ned Ferm- Tenorsaxophone
Tobias Wiklund – Trumpet
Mads Hyhne – Trombone
Jonatan Ahlbom – Tuba
Håkon Berre – Drums

20:00-21:00 Ukloprij

Ukloprij is born from the collaboration of three unique yet harmoniously merged voices. Alicia Lazaro Arteaga (Spain), Klara Rebecka Ahlersten (Sweden), and Margherita Baggi (Italy) have found in each other the perfect partners for experimentation, artistic growth, and discovery of new textures.

The trio based in Gothenburg composes written and improvised music where the various musical background – both academic and traditional – of the vocalists, melt into an organic and distinctive sound. Folk tradition, classical composition and jazz training are embraced in the creation of a distinguished soundscape, creating a genre of their own.

The trio has started a stable collaboration with the double bass player Jonas Nilsson (Sweden). When performing as a quartet, the ensemble proposes rearranged versions of the trio’s composition and new ones, specially written for the occasion.

Alicia Lazaro – Voice and Piano
Klara Ahlersten – Voice
Margherita Baggi – Voice
Jonas Nilsson – Double – bass

21:30-22:30 Iris Bergcrantz

The singer and composer from Skåne, Sweden, Iris Bergcrantz’ voice has been desrcribed as emotional, sonorous and beautiful. Iris has released two albums in her own name: Different Universe and Young Dreams, both of which have been met by fantastic press roses. Young Dreams was nominated for a Danish Music Awards for best vocal jazz album in 2020. Young Dreams was also named Best Vocal Jazz Album of the Year in both Lira Musikmagasin and Los Angeles Jazz Bossa & Beyond.

She has performed on stages such as A-Trane in Berlin, Rochester International Jazz Festival in New York State, London á capella festival and around Europe. Iris was nominated for for Grammy in 2019 with the the group Åkervinda and the same year the group performed at Allsång på Skansen.

Iris Bergcrantz – Voice
Anders Fjeldsted – Double – bass
Calle Brickman – Piano

Andreas Fryland – Drums


Med stöd från Byggnads kulturfond, Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse, Jämställdhetsmyndigheten, Kulturrådet, Laila och Charles Gavatins stiftelse för jazzmusik, Musikverket och Stockholms stad.