Bild på Vega Trails

Vega Trails

With inspiration from the American bassist Charlie Haden’s duo record Closeness, Jan Johansson’s and George Riedel’s Jazz in Swedish, Swedish violin music and Indian classical music, the British duo Vega Trails now comes to Fasching with their own version of folk-inspired duo jazz.

Vega Trails consists of double bassist and composer Milo Fitzpatrick and saxophonist and clarinetist Jordan Smart. Two strong instrumentalists, heavily anchored in the British jazz scene with Portico Quartet and Mammal Hands respectively. Two soulfully charismatic equilibrists who together write music with great space and timbre in a way that updates both ambient contemporary jazz and Norwegian saxophonist Jan Garbarek’s epic fjord jazz.

Vega Trail’s debut album, Tremors in the Static, was released on Gondwana Records in May 2022. Now these two young master musicians come to Fasching for an evening of atmospheric jazz.

Milo Fitzpatrick – bass, piano, percussion
Jordan Smart – saxophones