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The Headhunters

The legendary jazz-funk group The Headhunters was formed in California in 1973 around Herbie Hancock and the recording of the record Head Hunters with which Hancock took pole position in the world of jazz fusion.
There were five records and tours with Herbie Hancock before Headhunters continued hunting on their own.
In 2023, the band celebrated their 50th anniversary with sold-out tours. In 2022, the acclaimed record Speakers in the House was released on Ropeadope and this year the band will release a new record.
The Headhunter’s blend of jazz with funk and rock has continued to reap success around the world, and the group’s sound has inspired and continues to inspire musicians in numerous genres even today.
In 2024, the group is led by original members percussionist Bill Summers and drummer Mike Clark along with Donald Harrison on alto sax, bassist Chris Severin and pianist Kyle Roussel.
The Headhunters’ time with Hancock was life-changing. This evening at jazz club Fasching during the Stockholm jazz festival, you can participate in a healing experience together with the main hunters. Percussionist Bill Summers says:
“We live this every day. We have some secrets to give to the youth of the world. We’re not musicians, we are physicians. We heal people.”

Bill Summers – percussion,
Mike Clark – drums,
Donald Harrison – alto saxophone,
Chris Severin – bass,
Kyle Roussel – piano

About Stockholm Jazz Festival

Stockholm Jazz Festival is one of Sweden’s largest and oldest festivals and takes place between 11 and 20 October 2024. This year’s festival presents big names such as Bill Frisell, Sona Jobarteh and The Headhunters. Stockholm Jazz Festival is an indoor festival that houses over fifty stages every year and is visited by around 30,000 Stockholmers during its ten days. Read more about the festival at