Bild på GUSH Afro Blue Project och Lokomotiv Konkret

GUSH Afro Blue Project och Lokomotiv Konkret

GUSH is the trio project with members Sten Sandell, Raymon Strid and Mats Gustafsson. The trio started in 1988 when Sandell and Strid invited Gustafsson to play drone-related music inspired by Armenian duduk playing. Now 36 years later, the band has finally been reactivated! Since the early experimentation with drone music, the focus has rather been on free improvisation. In 1998, the band recorded the project Afro Blue Project here at Fasching – a project that will now be presented on the same stage 25 years after recording!

Mats Gustafsson – tenor and soprano sax
Sten Sandell – piano and voice
Raymond Strid – drums



Lokomotiv Konkret  is the battlecruiser of Swedish free improvised music that has been playing together since 1976.

Ingmar Glanzelius has written about the group:
“Lokomotiv Konkret has always terrorized us with ice, but sometimes they terrorize us with beauty”

“The many years of rehearsals and concerts in Sweden and abroad have led to an interplay that is perhaps one of the tightest in contemporary free improvisational music. With extreme precision, the group can reshape itself in a flash based on a new whim or some sudden and unforeseen change in the environment. It is LOKOMOTIV KONKRET’s practice to take risks, to challenge logic and perhaps find an opportunity to bring the group and the music to a landscape where no one has set foot before. The ground is untouched, everything must be tried again or maybe everything was here ages ago and is still here.”

Tommy Björk – drums/percussion;
Dror Feiler – brass and live electronics;
Sören Runolf – electric guitar, cello and live electronics