Bild på School concert Campus Viktor Rydberg

School concert Campus Viktor Rydberg

NA24A’s Final Concert “The Long and Winding Road”

On a gray overcast late summer morning in the year 2021, a motley crowd met outside the school building. Back then we had no idea who our classmates were and who would later become our best friends. A lot has happened since that day. People have come, people have gone, the school has changed names and new acquaintances have been formed. It has been a “Long and Winding Road”. But the shared love of performing music together has always been there, no matter what. So on the 27th of May, this troupe will gather to perform a last cracking gig where there will be lovely music of many different kinds. Welcome to NA24A’s final concert! See you at Fasching 27 May!

Students and staff at Campus Viktor Rydberg can email Gayatri Vithlani to sign up for the VIP list.