Bild på Sarah Chaksad Large Ensemble

Sarah Chaksad Large Ensemble

Swiss saxophonist and composer Sarah Chaksad was one of three acts during the Stockholm Women’s International Jazz Festival at Fasching 2022. Then with her band Songlines. Now Sarah comes with a bigger orchestra. The thirteen-musician-strong Large Ensemble that she started already in 2022 and with whom she recorded the album Together.

Many of the compositions on Together were written after Sarah’s father had died. Suddenly, her connection to her father’s native Iran was severed and she began to explore her roots in traditional Persian music.

On Together, the search has resulted, among other things, in the use of several different time signatures. From 5/8 on the title track Together to Imagine Peace in 13/8. Some of the melodic lines are also clearly reminiscent of Persian musical traditions.

The ensemble’s delicate balance between composed and improvised parts reveals the quality of Sarah Chaksad’s carefully selected musicians and the ingenious and exciting way she both writes and arranges for a modern big band.

Sarah Chaksad’s Large Ensemble is an excellent opportunity to listen to a contemporary big band handled in its most delicate and intricate manner.

Yumi Ito – Voc
Sarah Chaksad – Soprano, Alto Sax
Christoph Bösch – Flute
Fabian Willmann – Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet
Catherine Delaunay – Basset Horn, Clarinet
Hildegunn Øiseth – Trumpet, Goat Horn
Paco Andreo Valve – Trombone, Euphonium
Lukas Wyss – Trombone
Sophia Nidecker – Tuba
Fabio Gouvea – Guitar
Julia Hülsmann  -Piano
Dominique Girod – Bass
Eva Klesse – Drums