The Swedish-Moroccan singer Miriam Aïda has released nine albums under her own name, toured Scandinavia, Europe, Brazil and Japan, appeared regularly on TV and radio, received prizes and awards and also received the honor of interviewing Polar Prize winner Wayne Shorter on PolarPrize/PolarTalks .

In the spring of 2023, Miriam released the album “Pieces” where Miriam Aïda and her band dive into the different expressions of Afro music, which in the meeting and clash with the New World in the wake of the slave trade, took different directions in the Caribbean, the USA and South America. Here are, among other things, a. Beyoncé’s “Freedom” and Nina Simone’s “Four Women” from 1966, which was then a reaction to a series of events during the Civil Rights Movement. Miriam’s version was released as a single on February 24, 2023 as a contribution to commemorate Black History Month.

“Miriam Aïda’s strongest album to date”, writes Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan. Pieces was received by a unanimous body of critics with praises and awarded high marks. Miriam has a background in both Sweden and Morocco, and from the stage she builds bridges to her audience that transcend nationality, culture, language, color, gender and religion. Intimate, honest and always groovy!


Miriam Aïda – vocals
Mats Andersson – guitar
Rubem Farias – bass
Finn Björnulfson – percussion
Ola Bothzen – percussion