Bild på Mark Guiliana

Mark Guiliana

Acclaimed drummer and multiple times Fasching guest Mark Guiliana returns for an evening with his own quartet.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Guiliana went straight from university to Avishai Cohen’s drum stand. In 2014 Guiliana teamed up with pianist Brad Mehldau in the electronic jazz record Mehliana and in 2016 David Bowie called him for the Englishman’s last record Blackstar.

In recent years, he has reunited with Cohen and made the record Two Roses together with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Last spring, the fantastic  album Mischief came together with the quartet consisting of bassist Chris Morrissey, tenor saxophonist Jason Rigby and pianist Shai Maestro.

Guiliana is as comfortable with an acoustic jazz quartet as he is with boundary-pushing electronica. Over the years, this 42-year-old has been a guest at Fasching with Avishai Cohen, with Brad Mehldau and with his own quartet. Now awaits a celebratory evening with one of contemporary jazz’s foremost drummers.

One of America’s most influential drummers – London Jazz News


Jason Rigby – tenor saxophone,
David Cook – piano,
Alan Hampton – bass,
Mark Guiliana – drums