Bild på Manouche Society (SE) feat. Stochelo Rosenberg (NL)

Manouche Society (SE) feat. Stochelo Rosenberg (NL)

The Swedish Django Reinhardt Society presents:
Manouche Society (SE) feat. Stochelo Rosenberg (NL)

Main act:
19:00-21:00 (two sets) Manouche Society (SE) feat. Stochelo Rosenberg (NL)

Guitarist Stochelo Rosenberg is one of today’s foremost jazz musicians and belongs to the absolute elite within Gypsy Jazz. He was born in a Roma camp in Holland and belongs to the Sinti ethnic group, the same ethnic group as Django Reinhardt. In other words, he was born right into the musical tradition and was exposed from an early age to Django Reinhardt’s music and the particular jazz known today as Gypsy Jazz or Jazz Manouche. It didn’t take long before Stochelo himself started playing as well.
He was recognized early on for his talent and has had great success with the band The Rosenberg Trio as well as a solo artist. In the 2017 French feature film about Django Reinhardt, it was Stochelo who was hired to play Django’s guitar parts. So it is Stochelo’s guitar playing that you hear in the film when you watch the actor playing Django.

At 18:15-18:45 Nergaard/Nilsson Hot Collective (NO/SE)

Nergaard/Nilsson Hot Collective is a band initiated by violinist Gard Nergaard and guitarist Olov Nilsson, a duo with musical energy in their legs and a bottomless hunger for new adventures. This evening they come together under the banner of manouche jazz with a quartet that will offer idiomatic, hot swing with a repertoire that you have definitely not heard performed by an ensemble with this amount of strings. Gard Nergaard is a musical nomad with more strings on his lyre than horsetails on his violin bow. Since graduating from the Stockholm Royal Academy for Music’s folk music institution, he feasts freely in the musical meadows, preferably on the other side of the pond that is the Baltic Sea. Olov Nilsson is a musician with one foot in jazz music, one foot in composing and one foot outside of reason. With the 2023 Hagström scholarship in his bag, he is very keen to play impact with hard vibrato at his D-hole.