Bild på Lars Sjösten In Memoriam

Lars Sjösten In Memoriam

Pianist Lars Sjösten belonged to the core of prominent Swedish jazz musicians and played, among other things, in saxophonist Lars Gullin’s group. In 1997, Sjösten received the Lars Gullin prize for the musical legacy he managed after him. Sjösten also played with international jazz musicians such as Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon and Art Farmer alongside his own jazz group.

This evening, Lars Sjösten is celebrated by a group of musicians who collaborated with, and were inspired by, the pianist and composer. Patrik Boman and Bo Söderberg collaborated for many years with Lars in various constellations and participated, among other things, in the recording of the album “The Soft Edge” (2002) together with the singer Sara Fischer, who also had a long-standing collaboration with Sjösten. The group’s repertoire consists largely of Lars Sjösten’s music from the recording of The Soft Edge, together with additional compositions from Sjösten’s large catalog.

Also 2-3 compositions by Lars Gullin, with whom Sjösten collaborated for many years, are in the repertoire.
A composition from The American Songbook is also included, something that Lars always happily played.

“In this way, we want to remember and honor Lars Sjösten and his music and make it available to new generations.”

When Lars Sjösten came from Östersund to Stockholm in the early 1960s, he quickly entered the leading musician circles in Stockholm. He was frequently employed and played with peers such as Börje Fredriksson, Bernt Rosengren, Lalle Svensson, Eje Thelin and Bosse Wärmell. He accompanied guest musicians from abroad, such as Dexter Gordon, which also resulted in disc recordings. For a time he was also the house pianist at Jazzklubben Gyllene Cirkeln.

Sjösten also had a number of his own groups over the years and made many disc recordings. From the mid-60s, in connection with the recording of
album Portrait of my pals in 1964, he began a close and significant collaboration with the baritone saxophonist and composer Lars Gullin. He worked together with Gullin until his death in 1976, which also contributed to Sjösten himself developing as a composer. Sjösten took up music studies during the 70s and studied counterpoint, orchestration and arranging.

Sjösten was awarded several prizes and awards over the years: the Jan Johansson scholarship, the Lars Gullin prize and the Christer Boustedt scholarship. He was also awarded the Orkesterjournalen’s Golden Disc prize on two occasions.
As a composer, Sjösten had a personal expression, anchored in an unmistakable Swedish tradition, but at the same time with a sound that echoes the international tone of jazz.


Sara Fischer – vocals
Sebastian Mattebo – baritone sax
Carl Orrje – piano
Patrik Boman – double bass
Bo Söderberg – drums
Krister Andersson – tenor saxophone