Bild på Jonas Kullhammar meets Isabella Lundgren och Carl Bagge Trio

Jonas Kullhammar meets Isabella Lundgren och Carl Bagge Trio

Unfortunately, Gunilla Törnfeldt has had to cancel this evening. The soloist will instead be Isabella Lundgren.

Unique meeting – Jonas Kullhammar meets Isabella Lundgren and Carl Bagge Trio!

Five of Sweden’s most renowned musicians meet fora unique evening, which is likely to offer surprises for both the audience and the musicians. Don’t miss the chance to experience this!

Isabella Lundgren is one of Sweden’s leading singers, who has captivated audiences in both concert halls and clubs for the past ten years. Just as personal in front of a symphony orchestra as in a jazz trio.

“This god-given singer who is among the best that has happened to the Swedish jazz scene. Let me just say that Isabella Lundgren has a seriousness that is unique. She kind of makes time slow down just by being. It is well known as radiance and presence. And then she sings fantastically. With a completely natural flowing timing and a low-key but very expressive phrasing. The fact that she has something to say with her lyrics also contributes to the magic, of course.” Dan Backman, SVD

Few jazz musicians are as passionate as Jonas, who since the end of the 90s has steamed forward with high integrity in widely different contexts and taken musicians and audiences by storm, both internationally and at home. This is what Lars-Inge Jönsson wrote in the mid-2000s: “Saxophonist Jonas Kullhammar has come in like a breath of fresh air in Swedish jazz life. With influences from Rollins and Coltrane, he has created his own profile that can be summed up in joy, energy and enormous swing. In addition, he was awarded the prestigious international award Django D’or in the category “Contemporary star of jazz”. No one under the age of 50 has previously received this award.”

Carl Bagge is one of the country’s most versatile jazz pianists. In addition to a 20-year freelancing experience on the country’s stages, big and small, he has also composed the music together with Henrik Dorsin for his production of Karl Bertil Jonsson’s Christmas Eve, collaborated with Georg and Sarah Riedel with the music for Alfons and Emil in Lönneberga, as well for just over 10 years toured, recorded and arranged for Isabella Lundgren. Isabella and Carl’s trio has also spread their music in many countries in Europe and for many years in Japan. For ten years he has also led the Ekdahl/Bagge Big Band together with Per Ekdahl.

Isabella Lundgren – vocals
Jonas Kullhammar – tenor saxophone
Carl Bagge – piano
Niklas Fernqvist – double bass
Daniel Fredriksson – drums