Bild på Gong


The progressive rock and fusion band Gong was formed in the late 60s by Soft Machine’s Australian guitarist and vocalist Daevid Allen and the band has existed in various forms ever since. When Allen left the band in the mid-70s, drummer Pierre Moerlen – with, among others, guitarist Allan Holdsworth – steered the band in the direction of jazz fusion under the name Pierre Moerlen’s Gong.

Daevid Allen returned in the early 90s and was a central figure in Gong until his death. Following his passing in 2015, the remaining members paid tribute to Allen’s legacy and influence through the album Rejoice! I’m Dead!

In 2019 the band released the critically acclaimed The Universe Also Collapses and last year the band presented the live album Pulsing Signals which captures Gong at a new creative peak with tracks taken from the 2019 tour.

Gong’s musically eclectic world contains elements of psychedelia, space rock, jazz, avant-garde and kraut rock, which means they end up on playlists alongside artists such as Rush, Mike Oldfield and King Crimson. And somewhere in there, of course, lurks Syd Barrett too.

Kavus Torabi, vocals, guitars
Dave Sturt, bass
Ian East, saxophone
Cheb Nettlees, drums
Fabio Golfetti, guitars