Bild på Georg Riedel’s Yiddishland

Georg Riedel’s Yiddishland

Jazz musician and composer Georg Riedel is not afraid to explore new musical influences. On this latest project with accompanying songbook, Riedel presents music inspired by the Jewish musical tradition, with lyrics in Yiddish. Born to a Jewish mother in what was then Czechoslovakia, Riedel now returns to the musical influences from Central and Eastern Europe that characterized his own childhood. The acclaimed actor and singer Sofia Berg-Böhm, deeply rooted in the Yiddish tradition, conveys the newly written songs in the company of the poet and singer Channa Riedel. Welcome to the Yiddish world – a world where you can be both small and big, where you always long for your mother and where old age and childhood are woven into lullabies you sing to yourself. The texts are written by Channa Riedel and the Yiddish poet Salomon Schulman, who is also responsible for the translations into Yiddish. The book also includes several of Georg’s beloved nursery rhymes translated into Yiddish.

The concert is followed by a book and record signing.

The concert is given in collaboration with Dos Nisele publishing house, Fasching, Jewish Culture in Sweden and the Yiddish Society in Stockholm.

Sofia Berg-Böhm – vocals,
Channa Riedel – vocals,
Per “Texas” Johansson – woodwind instrument,
Johan Graden – piano,
Mattias Ståhl – vibraphone,
Emil Skogh – bass,
Mitchell Smolkin- vocals,
Anton Jonsson – drums,
Anton Svanberg – tuba,
Mats Äleklint – trombone
Erik Tengholm – trumpet
Lisa Långbacka – accordeon