Bild på Erik Söderlind Lars Jansson Quartet

Erik Söderlind Lars Jansson Quartet

”What The Moments Brings” is the eloquent title of the new album that Lars Jansson and  Erik Söderlind are releasing in conjunction with their performance at Fasching on September  26th. Pianist Lars Jansson and guitarist Erik Söderlind have developed an intuitive interplay  and a shared melodic language over the years, where different “musical moments” have now  culminated in twelve original compositions forming a cohesive whole. The spectrum is wide ranging: from hard-swinging bebop to romance and melancholy. Two of the songs are also  dedicated to close friends and great musicians who have passed away in recent years, which  of course adds to the personal touch. 

Those who have followed both Lars and Erik Söderlind over the years can also note that Lars  Jansson has to some extent taken on the mentoring role that the legendary Kjell Öhman  previously had for Erik Söderlind. At the same time, Erik Söderlind himself has in recent  years become both a mentor and a role model for many young jazz musicians. This seems to  have led to a more mature and contemplative tone in his already acclaimed guitar playing. 

Jazz professor Lars Jansson has long been a significant educator who moves confidently on  the international jazz scene and has a large following in Japan, among other places. In 2022,  he was awarded the Royal Swedish Academy of Music’s major jazz prize for his  contributions. Due to health reasons, he doesn’t tour as frequently as before, which makes the  album title even more relevant. Seize the moment!

The Lars Jansson Erik Söderlind Quartet includes Paul Svanberg on drums and Niklas  Fernqvist on bass. 

Erik Söderlind – guitar
Lars Jansson – piano
Paul Svanberg – drums
Niklas Fernqvist – bass