Bild på Ellen Andersson

Ellen Andersson

Ellen Andersson has been described as two voices in one: the young, curious and the older, experienced – a person with a rare artistic weight. She has established herself as one of the most prominent voices on the Swedish jazz scene, with a captivating and personal sound.

With a distinctive voice and an unmistakable expression, since her debut in 2016 with “I’ll Be Seeing You” she has been praised by both reviewers and audiences both in Sweden and abroad. The album was awarded both the Golden Disc by the newspaper Orkesterjournalen and the Jazzkatten as “Newcomer of the Year” by Sveriges Radio P2.”Rarely has a singer been so longed for. Finally!”Johan Norberg wrote in Tidningen Vi.

In 2020, the sequel “You Should Have Told Me” was released.”I am amazed, and gasp. One of the best Swedish jazz records I’ve heard”, wrote Johan Norberg, while Jan Gradvall in DI Weekend stated that “as long as there are artists like Ellen Andersson, Swedish jazz will also survive the next generation change”.

In autumn 2024, Ellen Andersson will release her third album! A colorful, heartfelt and dynamic tribute to the American pianist Bill Evans and his collaboration with Monica Zetterlund. The disc features the Danish musicians Heine Hansen, piano, Thomas Fonnesbæk, bass and Andreas Svendsen, drums.Swedish texts meet American tones, English texts meet the fog over the Öresund and 5th Avenue is woven together with the forests of Värmland. Audiences can expect a captivating, personal concert experience with a great deal of musical integrity, playfulness and personality.

Heine Hansen – piano,
Andreas Svendsen – drums,
Thomas Fonnesbæk – bass