Bild på Crispell/ Andersson/ Østergaard 

Crispell/ Andersson/ Østergaard 

Crispell/Andersson/Østergaard is a newly formed trio led by Danish drummer and band leader Michala Østergaard-Nielsen. The trio’s music is filled with beautiful and original compositions by Michala Østergaard Nielsen as well as free improvisations – a mix of strictly composed and “free as a bird” music, played with feeling and power in an open and intuitive atmosphere. During their first tour in the spring of 2022, they recorded their debut album “The Cave”, which will be released now in 2024.

Marilyn Crispell is a world-renowned pianist and composer in jazz, improvisation and art music and has released several albums on the renowned record company ECM. Her previous collaborations are with musicians such as Anthony Braxton, Paul Motian and most recently with Joe Lovano in the project “Trio Tapestry”.

“She is one of a very few pianists who rise to the challenge of free jazz.” – The New York Times.

Bassist Thommy Andersson is also active as a composer and arranger in both jazz and classical music and has written for everything from small groups and chamber ensembles to symphony orchestras. As a bassist, he has a personal voice that is characterized by a warm and woody sound and in his music you can hear traces of the Swedish folk music tradition

“Thommy Andersson knows how to play the world’s most grounded bass and at the same time facilitate exalted music.” – Jazz Special.

Michala Østergaard-Nielsens has a very personal expression and is described as having an almost Zen Buddhist relationship to drumming, improvisation and music. She explores the drums both as a rhythm instrument and as a sound instrument with great sensitivity and presence. Michala Østergaard-Nielsen plays in many different groups/projects such as Danish/Swedish Nuaia, David’s Angels and, in addition to this trio, also leads the group Østergaard Art Quartet.

“Jazzkannan”: “This year’s “Jazzkanna” goes to a spiritual and sensitive composer and musician, whose universe is full of poetic vibrations that create instant love.”


Marilyn Crispell – piano
Thommy Andersson – bass
Michala Østergaard-Nielsen -drums, percussion