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Club Soul 30 years


In the autumn of 1993, the doors were opened to a club that no one could have thought would survive for three whole decades.

At jazz club Fasching in Stockholm, dedicated Soul fans have filled the dance floor from midnight to 4am every Saturday for the past thirty years. The simple recipe is called “the world’s best Soul music on vinyl”, which has proven to be an absolutely unbeatable concept in a city where most clubs usually do not even survive their own one-year anniversary. In addition to the musical focus, the club has also been saddled with the epithet ” Stockholm’s happiest dance floor” – something that the open, relaxed and joyful Soul audience is the reason for.

20.00-21.00 Anders Hansson, Tom Pyl, Scot James (Front bar)
20.00-21.15 Rob, Fred, Munk
21.15-22.00 Noble & Heath
22.00-22.45 Fred & Scot James
22.45-23.30 Ady Croasdell
23.30-00.15 Anders Hansson & Tom Pyl
00.15-01.00 Rob & Munk
01.00-01.45 Noble & Heath
01.45-02.30 Ady Croasdell
02.30-03.15 Noble & Heath
03.15-04.00 Rob, Fred, Munk

Northern Europe’s longest-lived club has had an estimated half a million visitors since that first legendary opening night when the queue wound all the way from Kungsgatan 63 past the Oscar Theater, down towards Burger King and around the corner of the block along Vasagatan.

Soul’s genre-specific name was chosen because, in the early nineties, there were no other dance floors in the capital that played exactly Soul – something that today can be hard to imagine, now that even the most obscure northern soul songs can be heard in the speakers at any outdoor dining area.

Behind the club are three of the country’s leading Soul DJs: Robert Baum, Magnus Räms and Fredrik Ekander – also known as The Swedish Soul Mafia. They have been collecting and DJing Soul on vinyl ever since the early 80’s and over the decades have invited hundreds of other guest DJs – both from all over Sweden and the world – to spread uplifting Soul music to as many new fans as possible .

Although the collective name of the club is genre-specific, the musical breadth is maximal. From late 50’s R&B all the way through 6T’s, Motown, Jazz, Latin, Modern, Northern, Southern, Rare Grooves, Boogie to Disco, Soulful House, Acid Jazz and Hip Hop as well as brand new retro-modern vintage Soul releases. All kinds of uplifting, swinging, soulful, liberating and heavenly dance music works at Soul!

To celebrate these three decades of the world’s best dance music in the capital, they have chosen to offer a SOUL SPECIAL on Saturday, November 18. Doors open as early as 8pm this evening, so the celebration – and the dancing – will last a full eight hours!

In honor of the evening, Soul has invited three prominent English soul DJs who are now visiting Sweden for the first time:

Ady Croasdell is a legendary DJ on the English northern soul scene. He is, among other things, behind the 6T’s Rhythm and Soul Society’s 100Club Soul Allnighters in London, which recently celebrated its 44th anniversary. Ady is also responsible for the record company Kent Records, which is one of the world’s foremost in the Soul genre.

Noble & Heath are currently the hottest DJ duo on the English Soul scene. Emma and Sophie have played clubs all over England and Europe and have their own radio show on Soho Radio in London. With everything from underground gigs to recurring gigs at the Glastonbury Festival as well as the Royal Albert Hall, they have created a loyal following based on a broad cross-over Soul mix aimed entirely at the dance floor.

In addition to these three very eminent names, Robert, Magnus and Fredrik are also reinforced in the booth by Soul’s well-known guest DJs Scot James, Anders Hansson and Tom Pyl.

During the evening, exclusive clips from the prominent British photographer and filmmaker Dean Chalkley’s upcoming short film “Good For The Soul” with the Swedish actor and dancer Durassie Kiangangu will also be shown.

On CLUB SOUL’s Spotify profile, they have just started a new and very well-mixed playlist of songs that you can usually expect to hear on a night at the club.