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Club: Algo Ritmico

Algo Rítmico means “something rhythmical” in Spanish, and also happens to be the lovechild of two local DJs who noticed that there is an untapped diverse musical landscape that deserves to be heard more on dancefloors in our city. Our names are Mattias and Eduardo (EDO), two friends united by a love for music with a groove and records we can’t afford on Discogs.

By inviting both international and local selectors that embody a free way of playing, we strive to create a space for inspiring musical journeys to take place. That is the core of what we aim to create, nights filled with rhythms and sounds from all the corners of the world, all seamlessly woven together with more soul and passion than any algorithm ever could. A gathering for our growing community of open minded dancers to meet and celebrate what we love the most: music.

Expect a voyage through tape-delayed funk from Cabo Verde, dusty anatolian psych, mesmerizing soukous, mindbending fusion and hypnotic house cuts.

Friday once a month