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Club Global Groove

Welcome to a party night with music from both sides of the Atlantic, mixed with electronic beats! DJ pioneers Masaya from Guatemala and Macuxiva from Brazil invites you to Global Groove – An exclusive mix of cumbia, brazilian fusion, balkan, global-bass, caribbean rhythms, arabic-trap, latin and afro-house, soul, electro-swing, and more. It will be a cultural journey of discovery across continents and an energetic dance party!

Global Groove is the club for those who yearn for authentic musical experiences that span over rhythms from Latin America, Brazil, the Middle East, the Balkans, the Caribbean, Asia, the Mediterranean to all the richness of mother Africa. We promise a musical mosaic as unpredictable as it is enchanting, a place where you can dance to the pulse of the world and experience the unexpected.

Global Groove was created at Södra Teatern in 2010 for a culture-loving and partying audience. DJ Masaya has since traveled and played in Stockholm and around the world. DJ Macuxiva is the creator of the legendary Favela Viking Club, and other exciting and successful clubs in Stockholm such as Ethnosphere and Awaken Club. Two music ambassadors with a unique ability to create moods like no other.

One Friday of the month from 23:30 to 04:00, Fasching turns into a melting pot of cultures, a place where you can let go of all worries and just be in the moment, dancing to the rhythm of the world!

Expect the unexpected! Embark on this journey!