Bild på Carl Verheyen Band / Support: Bettina Schelker

Carl Verheyen Band / Support: Bettina Schelker

Legendary Supertramp guitarist Carl Verheyen will make an exclusive visit with his five-piece band and the new record Riverboat Sky in his back pocket. Guitar Magazine has Verheyen on its top ten list of the world’s guitarists and Joe Bonamassa has him as a point of reference for how far he himself has come in the guitar game.

Carl Verheyen is simply one of the big cats with 17 albums of his own and two guitar books on his conscience. In addition, recordings and tours with the legendary Supertramp and numerous studio hours with music for TV series and films such as Seinfeld, Star Trek and Ratatouille!

BB King and Joe Bonamassa, Cher, the Bee Gees and Steve Copeland are some who have been served by this future 70-year-old’s multi-faceted game.

Together with his famous band, this LA-based genre-crossing super-guitarist invites you to a cracking evening with emphasis on the blues but where diphthongs of jazz, rock, country and even bluegrass enter.

Carl Verheyen Band:

Carl Verheyen – guitar and vocals
Dave Marotta – bass
John Mader – drums
Troy Dexter – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Hollye Dexter – choral vocals

Support: Bettina Schelker

For her new solo program „Startklar“ Schelker pulls out all the stops of her many years of stage experience as a solo artist. She will play her acoustic guitars, let electronic sounds and rhythms resound, sing in 3 languages, make every hall dance and play a “best of” program with new and old songs. From dialect, followed by 80’s German pop, to classic songwriter numbers in English. Her very own musical traveling circus.