Bild på Bohren & Der Club of Gore

Bohren & Der Club of Gore

Tickets released 22/8 at 12 o’clock

Dark jazz, doom jazz or Raymond Chandler’s detective prose in musical form, the German trio Bohren & Der Club of Gore have cultivated their quiet, minimalist distinctiveness within ambient jazz for more than thirty years.

Sprung from hardcore punk and metal in the 80s and 90s, the band has formed a soothing on the border of lethargic lounge jazz inspired by film noir soundtracks, Lustmord’s soundscape, Ben Webster’s ballads and Jim Thompson’s hard-boiled detective stories.

There is a kind of strange, soporific repetitive beauty in Bohren & Der Club of Gore’s music that is as good for solitary listening as it is in concert form.

The band’s saxophonist and keyboard player, Christoph Clöser describes a concert with Bohren & Der Club of Gore: “If the audience is strong enough to be affected by uneventful music, we and the listeners can celebrate as a kind of fair.”

Music blogger 482 MHz has captured the band’s ethos well:

“Bohren’s music is lonely nights under starless skies, where the only light you get is what shines down from the neon signs and street lamps that line the rain-soaked streets.”

Now these sound setters of lonely nights and rain-soaked streets make a rare guest appearance at jazz club Fasching.

Morten Gass – guitar, keyboards, drums,
Robin Rodenberg – bass, drums,
Christoph Clöser –  saxophone, piano, keyboards, drums