Bild på Goran Kajfes Tropiques

Goran Kajfes Tropiques

Tropiques play their own type of music that could be described as hypno-jazz and tonight we get to hear brand new music from the group’s upcoming album Tell us (released on Wejazz) which will be released on March 22, this time enhanced by a string section. Tropique’s music is created on a semi-improvised base that often takes as its starting point in simple fragments (bass lines, melodies) that are rehearsed, shifted and re-orchestrated in the moment.

With its long form curves, it puts both musicians and listeners in a state, a journey among colors that gradually leak into each other and shift. The artistic core contains a counter-act to the crazy fast food culture that is our time; the band’s music is a musical invitation to reflection and slowing down, through listening.

It is music that allows the listener to be in and become together with the sounds.

The debut album “Enso” and the follow-up “Into the wild” received extremely positive reviews in Sweden as well as internationally, reviews that testified to a strong need for this kind of music, perhaps because it says something about our times and about the importance of being here, now.

Goran Kajfeš – Trumpet, keyboard,
Alexander Zethson – Piano, keyboard
Johan Berthling – Double Bass
Johan Holmegard – Drums,
Josefin Runsteen – Violin
Leo Svensson Sander  – Cello