Bild på Torkel Rasmusson & Grammofonorkestern

Torkel Rasmusson & Grammofonorkestern

Having just turned 80, Torkel Rasmusson is steaming ahead at full speed giving concerts, making records and books in his inimitable way. This progg legend is just as inspiring now as he was then, with his constant musical exploration and unique, poetic flair. From the time as a singer, songwriter in the legendary prog bands Gunder Hägg and Blå tåget to the classic solo song “resan”, to the last album’s tribute to Roland Keijser and the latest album “Var då” (which may be the finest thing he has done under his own name).

On the latest album “Var då” we find, just like on the album before that “Fareväl kapten”, the responsive and phenomenal backing band Grammofonorkestern (the Grammophone Orchestra). With these fantastic musicians, Torkel has done a number of acclaimed (and sold out) concerts and now finally comes a new chance to take part in Torkel’s inimitable poetic, sometimes sharp, sometimes funny, sometimes slightly romantic songs that naturally move between jazz, folk, prog and rock.

Sigge Krantz – bass,
Lise-Lotte Norelius – drums,
Reine Fiske guitar,
Lars Fredrik Swahn – keyboard, choir,
Amanda Fritzén – accordion, choir,
Fredrik Ljungqvist – saxophone, clarinet,
Emma Nordenstam – cello, choir