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The Necks

A concert with Australian avant-garde jazz trio The Necks is an experimental and minimalist journey of discovery in a unique and responsive interplay between pianist Chris Abrahams, drummer Tony Buck and bassist Lloyd Swanton.

The band was formed in Sydney in 1987 and 35 years later the trio is listed by the music magazine Rolling Stone as one of Australia’s all-time greatest. The latest record Travels came this year to the critics’ unreserved joy and the band’s musical ethos is recognisable. An ambient meditative streak of Steve Reich meditative minimalism runs through the trio’s collectively improvised music, not infrequently as on Travels centered around a bass stinato from which the pieces develop. Improvisation as composing.

The deceptive simplicity of the trio’s music reveals new layers with each listen. Neither all-encompassing avant-garde, minimalist, ambient or jazz, The Neck’s music is its own unique continent. The memorable one remembers the trio’s gig at Fasching 2016, a concert that resulted in the album The Necks – Jazzklubb Fasching November 2016. Now they are finally back!

The Necks:

Chris Abrahams – piano and organ.
Tony Buck – drums
Lloyd Swanton – bass