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The End




The fact that The End, with Mats Gustafsson at the helm, has not played at Fasching before, we probably have to admit, is a huge mistake on our side. Now finally Mats, Kjetil Møster, and the others in The End come and save us with their doomsday jazz.

The End is a group with members from Norway, Sweden and Austria. They play hard, uncompromising music with poetic power and melodic beauty where electronic instruments meet voice and acoustic instruments. The music is an alloy of influences from rock and jazz music where elements from ethnic music – Mauritania, Ethiopia, India and Scandinavian folk music – merge into something completely new.

The members of the group have worked internationally for a long time in groups such as Fire! Orchestra, Cloroform, Möster, Ultralyd, MoHa, The Thing, Paavo and a host of other ensembles. Individually, the group’s members have worked with artists as diverse as Sonic Youth, Bob Hund, Neneh Cherry, FourTet and Chick Corea, in venues as diverse as opera houses, rock festivals, jazz clubs, theaters and museums.

The End tries to use all these influences and impressions and fuses them into a completely own music where improvisation is at the center. An expression of deep poetic pain and joy combined with melodies, riffs and musical outbursts. The End’s music plays freely between the hard riffing of rock music, the beauties of folk music and the fantasies of jazz. A meeting where the sung poetry takes center stage.

Sofia Jernberg – voice,
Kjetil Møster – saxophone, clarinet, electronics,
Mats Gustafsson – saxophone, flute, live electronics,
Ander Hana – guitar, bass guitar, bass, langeleik,
Børge Fjordheim – drums