Bild på Rymden


The power trio Rymden consists of Nordic jazz musicians of the highest rank, something that both sold-out concerts and critical acclaim testify to. The meaning of jazz is expanded here to incorporate progressive rock, minimalism and art music. Sure, parts of the trio’s background are handled in e.s.t., but Rymden (Space) creates its own expanding universe.

If the image of the “Scandinavian sound” is meditation over snow-covered mountains, misty beech forests and calm fjords, Rymden is its antithesis. Here an alternative image emerges, an uncut prism that reflects a dim glow over 21st century Scandinavia. The dystopian soundscape of Space Sailors (2020) combines high-octane repetitive riffs, exploratory melodies and improvised digressions. A logical sequel to the highly acclaimed debut Reflections and Odysseys (2019).

The space lends itself equally well to close listening in headphones as it does to live performances. Wesseltoft moves between piano and Rhodes, Berglund and Öström challenge conventions on their respective instruments. Previous concert was sold out. Don’t miss this opportunity. Buy a ticket today!

Bugge Wesseltoft – piano, keyboards
Dan Berglund – bass
Magnus Öström – drums

Rymden is the first piano trio that Berglund and drummer Magnus Öström have been part of since e.s.t. and in Svensson’s place the Norwegian Bugge Wesseltoft is now heard. An excellent choice, as Wesseltoft is long established and has all the integrity he could need. Johannes Cornell, DN