Bild på Axel Mårdsjö

Axel Mårdsjö

Saxophone player and composer Axel Mårdsjö takes us on a journey through places and emotions that only a true Gothenburger can understand.
This is the first concert the band has given since the album ”Ett göteborgsporträtt” was released in the summer of 2023. The album has received great attention in the media, been played on radio and TV programs, and streamed countless times worldwide.
Come and celebrate the album and hear the group perform the music live.
“Extremely elegant and fun west coast jazz” – Dan Backman SVD
“He writes music with a lot of character, contemporary but with a kind of classical quality, like someone who has delved deep into the jazz and popular music bag” – Ulf Johanson LIRA
Axel Mårdsjö – Saxophone
Stefan Wingefors – Piano
Olof Wullt – Guitar
Arvid Jullander – Double bass
Adam Ross – Drums