Jazz singer Carin Lundin and the fantastically versatile drummer Ronnie Gardiner together with Klas Toresson on saxophone, Mathias Algotsson’s piano and Hasse Larsson’s contrabass form a swinging quintet exquisitely put together just for this evening.

The repertoire they will offer us is guaranteed to include a deep dive into the American songbook, where naturally Carin Lundin will be the focal point, but where all five in the band will in different ways play exquisite “roles” in the evening’s lovely jazz concert.

Drummer Ronnie Gardiner is a living legend on the Swedish jazz scene and was recently awarded the Swedish Jazz honorary prize with the justification: “A brilliant
musician, inspiring orchestra leader and important jazz ambassador is awarded the award Lifetime Achievement 2022. His musical work has not only had a great impact on jazz in Sweden, but also made an impression on medical science as he showed that rhythm and music have a great impact on our body and soul.”

Carin Lundin has sung with jazz legends such as Arne Domnérus, Putte Wickman and Roffe Ericson, toured around Sweden’s numerous jazz clubs since 1989 and released five critically acclaimed albums under her own name, featuring among others Jan Lundgren, Magnus Lindgren, Dicken Hedrenius and Johan Setterlind.

Ronnie Gardiner – drums,
Carin Lundin – vocals,
Klas Toresson – tenor sax/flute,
Mathias Algotsson – piano,
Hasse Larsson – double bass