Bild på Roffe Wikström

Roffe Wikström

With a career that includes 30 albums and over 7000 concerts, Rolf Wikström is undoubtedly Sweden’s uncrowned blues king. He is even included in the Virgin’s Blues Encyclopedia as the only non-English singing artist. However, this does not mean that he rests on his laurels, on the contrary, Roffe Wikström is constantly moving forward.

Now Roffe Wikström is back on the Fasching stage. With a bit of the cry-in-the-beer-blues sentimentality, upheld with old left-wing ideals and in combination with Swedish humorous idiom, his performance reminds us more of Cornelis Vreeswijk.

Two years ago, Roffe Wikström released his first newly recorded work in ten years, “Bara Ta Det Lugnt”. The song was a soul-rocking recommendation about the only realistic approach one can have to the pandemic; to sit back, sip your coffee and Just Take It Easy. The new record is called “Ballader och Bröl”. According to Roffe himself, this album is the most similar to his debut recorded in the fall of 1974.

Roffe Wikström – guitar and vocals
Niklas Medin – piano
Hasse Olsson – hammond organ
Martin Jonsson – drums
Ulf ”Rockis” Ivarsson – bass