Bild på Räfven’s christmas party

Räfven’s christmas party

Finally! Räfven is traditionally back at Fasching and this year also celebrates 20 years as a band. New music will be released this evening – with the same old happy message: openness, love and community with dance, sweat and ooze. Come as you are!

The music collective Räfven was formed in Gothenburg in 2003. During their 20 years together and through hundreds of wild concerts, they have made themselves known as an irresistible live band and their unrestrained folk punk has also won a large audience internationally. The foxes are limitless, just as the world should be. Their music and expressions borrow and travel freely between times, cultures, traditions and continents.

Jonas Lundberg – Guitar
Loki Nyberg – Violin
Daniel Wejdin – Tambura
Martin Nurmi – Alto saxophone/transverse flute
Johan Wejstål – Accordion
Rasmus Blanck – Double bass
David Fraenckel – Trombone/trumpet
Per Svenner – Percussion