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Paradise League

Explosive synth-jazz breaks the night like a rainbow through the cosmos. Cyber-funk and elevator music on steroids form a skyline beyond the horizon.

Stockholm-based Paradise League mixes modern jazz and pop, with inspiration from Western and Japanese groups from the 70s and onwards. A new album is in the works, and on October 25th they take on Fasching with their fast-paced galaxy disco in the name of love. Welcome to the “Heart Stuff” tour!

In the spring of 2022, the band released their third album “Megaburger”. The subsequent tour led to their latest Youtube series “Live at Kafé De Luxé”, from a gig in the Småland idyll of Växjö. In connection with the tour, an exclusive live video with the song “Starlight Palace” was also released; a collaboration with saxophonist Tomoaki Baba from the Kansai Music Conference Japan.

Let’s go to Funk City!

Gabriel Dahl – bass
Oscar Olsén – guitar
Ludwig Sievert – keys
Aleksi Ylimäki – drums
Joel Nyman – trumpet, EVI
Mikael Emilsson – tenor sax (guest)