Bild på Mikael Ramel Bäst Band

Mikael Ramel Bäst Band

Mikael Ramel is known for his infamous first LP “Til Dej” from 1972. The Mikael Ramel Bäst Band plays pretty much all of Mikael’s brilliant debut album from 1972, “Til Dej”, along with new material. The concert is performed by Mikael and his eminent band consisting of Kenny Håkansson, Göran Lagerberg, Kettil Medelius and Benna Sörman. A match made in heaven. Musical, humorous at the same time!


Mikael Ramel guitar and vocals
Kettil Medelius – keyboard and vocals
Kenny Håkansson – guitar
Göran Lagerberg – bass
Benna Sörman – drums