Bild på Michelle Gurevich

Michelle Gurevich

Canadian singer-songwriter Michelle Gurevich, with the former stage name Chinawoman, combines humor with black realism in songs that place her in a musical landscape between slowcore and lo-fi pop. 

Michelle Gurevich’s 6th album, Ecstasy in the Shadow of Ecstasy, finds new opportunities  for rawness and vulnerability in a collection of songs about desire without end. The  recurring themes are elation sought and remembered, the art and taste for living, romantic  friends until the end, and roads not taken. Decadent, dramatic and earnest, vintage  keyboards and synth strings offer the solitary rendition of a grand experience, and a voice  always upfront delivers motifs familiar yet impossible to pinpoint from the great soup of  European chanson.  

Maneuvering between grandiose retro motifs and a surprising sincerity, Michelle  Gurevich’s songs are tragicomic, melody-driven, sentimental and suspended in shadowy  glamour. She combines humour with dark realism in smoky and intimate ballads delivered  with cutting and fatalistic lyrics.